Overwhelmed by Distractions?

Do you ever feel that there is so much to do, you feel like you're spinning in circles, never really accomplishing anything?

I have days like that. Sometimes I have weeks like that.
 Writing. Submitting. Building a platform. Learning how to build a platform. Mommy duties. Homeowner duties. Dog owner duties. Volunteering. And...

Squeeze in time for my husband. If ANY time is left over, I give it to me. However, me time usually gets lost.

With so much to do, I focus on my to-do list. I get immense satisfaction ticking items off that list. So much, so that I actually keep my completed lists in a file. Call me crazy. However, when I feel like I'm spinning in circles, revisiting the activities I completed helps remind me that I do complete things, even if I don't feel it.

However, I know I can be more productive, and feel more satisfaction from my activities.

The Problem is Distractions

What is the real problem? Distractions. Facebook, twitter, Linked In... to interact, post, and share. There are some very interesting people I am friends with, or that I follow, and who follow me back. I am supposed to interact with them. But I get drawn into their stories. I investigate their blog links, books for sale, photos and great articles that may teach me something. An hour later I am still there.

Another distraction? My garden. We moved into a house that had a very "natural" garden (read: weeds). The previous owners took care of it, but I've never seen so many weeds grow so quickly. Must be the east coast humidity.

"Just five minutes to pull those weeds," I say. Half an hour (or an hour) later I've pulled weeds, watered my tomatoes, fertilized a dying patch of grass and thrown more grass seed on a bare patch. I almost get out the shovel so that I can transplant a rhodadendron from underneath a large bush to somewhere it can thrive, but I realize that I've already spent too much time gardening and must get back to my computer.
These distractions happen to be fun, interesting or simply satisfying. However, they do not get me closer to my goal: publication.

How to Minimize Distractions?

1. Schedule important activities. If they get you closer to your main goal, they are important.
2. Schedule free time. For me this includes gardening, jogging with my dog, coffee with a friend or yoga. Though none of these lead me to my primary goal, they are healthy, help me to focus, and keep me happy. A happy Mom is a good thing for my children.
3. Schedule online time. And stick to it! This is my biggest time drain because I know I should be there, I enjoy being there, but my social media goal is rather fuzzy (as it is to many, as social media continues to transform).

My children thrive on schedules as well, though they don't specifically ask for them. When they know that homework is right after school, and playtime is until 6:00pm dinner, life flows happily for them...and for me.

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