Hesitate to Jump for Spontaneous Joy?


Experience Joy
Bring joy into your life and all else will fall into place. I truly believe that.

Do you wish to:
  • Connect more to your children? Play joyfully with them.
  • Find the job of your dreams? Go with the occupation which brings you most joy.
  • Create closer relationships? Drop the worries and complaints and focus on the joy in your life.
  • Connect to universal consciousness/god/source/inspiration? This is easier to do when you consciously feel love, and joy is a powerful emotion based in love.

I know what the answers are, so why do I personally find it so difficult to take the leap into joy on a regular basis?

I believe I've found the answer to that one.

As a parent of young children (7 & 9) I have taken on the serious role of guiding, teaching and role modeling proper behavior, decision making, thoughtfulness and responsibility. I believe this prepares them for life as they grow older. Where does JOY fall into this? My children laugh all the time. They find the smallest events to giggle about. Sometimes they even start to laugh just for the sake of laughing, and when the other follows, their laughter erupts into pure JOY. I don't HAVE to role model spontaneous joy, as they were born knowing that one.

What else?

Spontaneous Joy is about letting go of worries, concerns, habits and control. I think it is the last one that gets to me. What will happen if I lose control? Will I be a bad example for my children? Will the responsive laughter remind me too much of childhood teasing? While I think I'm over that last one, maybe somewhere, deep in my subconscious, it has a role in my decision to maintain control.

These two "answers" seem logical, but spontaneous joy is not about logic. It is about love - for the moment, for those around me, for myself. It is the key to a more fulfilling life.

What is keeping you from experiencing more spontaneous joy? Is the underlying belief really necessary, or even truthful? Can you let go of it?

Now that I've found my answers, I believe I can.

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