Child-raising solutions

Most of us have moments as parents where we realize that, "maybe, just maybe I know what I'm doing least for this moment..."

This blog's purpose is to get you to quickly think about solutions that regularly or magically appear when with your children (or niece, nephew, neighbor, pet).

Without spending too much time mulling over the frustrations (that was done in the previous blog), what moments, actions, statements or questions have resolved that childhood problem? How have you avoided that crisis? When have you patted yourself on the back for recognizing that you were part of the solution?

Help us all by offering your solutions below this blog, however brief or complex.

Come back in a few days to see others' solutions. None of them will be attached to a problem or challenge.

The fun part to this? Mix and match solutions to alternate problems. See if something new comes up for you. Heck, get your kids (or your talking parrot) to choose a new solution to an old problem. When the list is there, you could even do eeny, meeny, miney, moe and see what you get.

Have fun with it! (Perhaps that is one of the solutions...)

Play with these posts, try them out, and see what works for you!