Child-raising frustrations

Most of us are parents, or become a parent figure to a niece or nephew, neighbor or friend, dog or cat.

This blog's purpose is to get you to quickly think about frustrations that occur when raising children.

What moments really get to you? What pushes your buttons? When do you yell (and then look at yourself, wondering where the power of that frustration came from)?

Are they single moments, or are you fine until three things happen at once?

Make comments below this blog - short, point form, or ranting and raving...

In the next blog you will have an opportunity to comment on your solutions, what you've done to divert disaster and hurt feelings, or how your repaired those hurts and tears.

When you separate your frustrations from your solutions, and see others' solutions, separate from an isolated incident, you can then apply ANY solution to ANY frustration. Perhaps one parent's solution (I just take three deep breaths), becomes your child's solution (honey, just try three deep breaths, then we'll figure it out).

Play with these posts, try them out, and see what works for you!

to see the web of solutions you never thought of before.


  1. I'll start: Big sister bugging little brother by poking, taking a starts off with laughs but quickly slides downhill...

  2. When there's a fight my beautiful, intelligent, and caring wife is the mediator. I just tell the child to take a lap.