2010 Child Raising Solutions

Ok, I realize I asked too much in my November blog: Child Raising Solutions. There, I asked you to write solutions YOU use when solving child-rearing concerns.

Instead, here are a few solutions I've learned from some wonderful moms, and try to incorporate at home:

1. When one child has a playdate, arrange for same with the other(s).

2. Feed them before they're hungry - put carrots and grapes on the table before they ask.

3. Keep snacks in the glove compartment - a few granola bars or bags of peanuts or pretzels.

4. When they resist doing something, do it with them.

5. Decide if the result or the learning is more important to you, and stick with it. If you want them to learn how to clean, accept that it won't be done perfectly. If you want their room perfectly clean, get in there and help them.

6. Let them stay up late once in a while, especially if you are visiting with other families and you are having as much fun as your children.

7. Keep to routines as much as possible, where your child wants it kept. My son wants a book each night. If we watch a movie instead, I give him advance notice that it will be too late for a book. Only then is he ok with missing reading time.

8. If you start to feel upset or frustrated, try silence or a hug first. Especially if your child's behavior is causing your upset. After all, it is the behavior you want to change, not your child. So give your child a hug, then change their behavior.

9. When you feel happy, give hugs. Don't miss the opportunity for physical contact. Children need it, and flourish with lots of hugs.

10. Tell your child why they are important to you, and tell them out loud what wonderful qualities they have.

Many of these tips have been gems to me, and come from wonderful parents I know. I like to think I'm a better parent because of them. I hope these tips give you some new solutions or reminds you of old ones. Thanks sis, Christie, and other friends!

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