This is a Contest I Want to Win!

A couple months ago, I added another item to my Christmas list: A Kindle. I've decided that is what I want more than anything. I know Christmas is 8 months away, but I thought I'd put my dibs in early.

And then I discovered something online: CountryLife4Me is giving away 2 prizes. A kindle 3 and $50 cash via paypal. If this looks like an opportunity for you too, Enter Here . However, I'm doing what I can to win, and that includes telling you about it.

So, please send positive thoughts, winning thoughts, thoughts of abundance (but specifically targeted to this new Kindle 3).

Have a great week!


  1. Hi Leigh, Good luck on your entry. I entered to win this one to. A Kindle 3 would be awesome. I also entered a contest to win an Ipad at our local home and garden show. Either one of these prizes would rock!
    I'm on a winning streak. I won a $150.00 make over for Blog header and I found out yesterday I won 10,000 targeted visitors from from their new monthly twitter contest. All you have to do is tweet their contest for a chance to win. You might want to check them out and follow them on twitter. Cheers to a winning streak for both of us!!

  2. Carol,
    Good luck to you too! Sounds like luck (or persistance, or inspiration) is on your side right now!

    I'll check out the visitor site. Thank you.